Traffic Robot Review-Under Investigation for Traffic Claims

Traffic Robot Review – Under Investigation for Traffic Claims

Traffic Robot Review:

When it comes to traffic. You will run across software the online marketer makes these big claims that their traffic software can bring you a lot of traffic in seconds. Most online marketers know that traffic is the key factor to a website owner looking to increase their income.

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Let’s face without traffic it’s impossible to make money online, so every once in a while someone will try to sell you on their traffic generation system. This is why I wanted to write this traffic robot review. It’s under investigation for claiming it can bring you tons of traffic within 60 seconds.

Product: Traffic Robot Review

Website: http://trafficrobot.co/exclusive

Creator: Billy Darr, David kirby

Product Type: Cloud Based Software

Price: 22 + up sell bonuses

Overall Rate: 2/10

Product Introduction

There are basically two versions of this software. Traffic Robot and Traffic Robot 2.0. However, they both do about the same. Traffic Robot 2.0 you can connect to a few more social sites. In today’s traffic robot review you will get a close look inside the software and learn how it works.

What Is Traffic Robot Software?

This software is a cloud-based traffic generating system that supposedly helps online marketers drive Free traffics to other offers or websites. The software allows you to post your Images, videos, text messages, on your currently social media site with one click of a button. Saving you a lot of time trying to post them one by one.

I’m not sure of your marketing goals and you are interested in testing out his software. I’m recommend continuing reading this traffic robot review so you can make the best decision whether to move forward with purchasing this software traffic robot.

Just remember Traffic Robot is a cloud based system that you don’t have to download any materials. Just create and click to send to your connected social sites. Just be aware of the claims!

How Does a Traffic Robot Work?

I have a hard time trusting software programs claiming to deliver traffics to my site.

Hey before we continue with this Traffic Robot Review. Watch the Video below of an inside investigation of what you get when you buy this software and how it works.

Now that you watch, let’s continue investigating this Traffic Robot Review.

Who Is Billy Darr?

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Billy Darr is a very well-known software developer who has had his hand into a number of other software systems. Some you may already know about like Easy CB, CPA Crusher and Cash Machine etc. Billy Darr works with a number of other online marketers, like Jay Opay, David Kirby, Rajinder Sidhu these guys help online marketers who are struggling to get traffics to their offer.

So don’t be surprised to hear about these guys in the future.

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Who Is This Software For?

Traffic Robot is designed to help Online marketer, Affiliate marketers and Bloggers, get more traffic in a matter of minutes by posting in multiple social sites with one push of a button


In this section of my traffic robot review you will learn the like and dislikes of this software. So let’s start with the Pros.


  • I like the software for the simple fact you can post videos up to multiple social media sites like YouTube, Daily Motion, with just one click.
  • I also like the 30-day money back guarantee if you find this software is not for you. Pretty sweet deal right?
  • I did like the bonus training inside the members’ area, presented by Billy Darr. Very good lesson on how to set up the software, and how to set up your social media account and start generating traffic.

I just wanted to give you something good in the traffic robot review, before I got into the bad stuff. .


  • I didn’t like the promises of generating tons of traffic. It was very misleading. Also,
  • I didn’t like the factor there was no way of tracking your traffic once you have set up all your social sites.
  • I thought the software should had more of the popular social media like Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram.
  • I felt it could have been a little more options for driving more traffic.
  • Had trouble connecting to social media sites.
  • A lot of up selling

Inside The Video Training Courses

Upon purchasing this software you get 6 free training course taught by Billy Darr. He explains a little more details how use this software to get massive traffic.

  • Video 1- Overview
  • Video 2- Setting up your Social Sites
  • Video 3- The Campaign Builders
  • Video 4- Finding Offers & Bonus
  • Video 5- Creating Your Affiliate Review
  • Video 6- Getting Mass Traffic

Up Sell Bonus Traffic Robot Software’s

If you choose to purchase this software get ready for the upsell product that will be presented to you. Here a detail list of the those bonus listed below..

  • Diamond Edition $32– Robots get you three times the traffic and sales a click of a mouse.
  • Automatic Traffic Robot $37- Get you Free unlimited traffic and commission
  • Traffic Robot $42– Bank $1,000 a Day
  • Traffic Robot Software $47– Money Machine $2,000 a Day
  • Traffic Robot Luxury Edition $197– We’ll do all the work & white list You.

Traffic Robot Support?

Yes they have a support system but there isn’t anyway to contact them by phone. However, you can submit a support ticket on the site.

My Final Thoughts

Although I wasn’t blown away about this software. I do feel like it was just a waste time setting ups social media site only to find out wasn’t getting the traffic that the claims mad by Traffic Robot.

In your case, you would be better off posting your information, videos, images directly to the sites itself. It frustrating buying products like this knowing that it doesn’t work and you are just out of money- Even if it is only $22 bucks.

The social sites this program has in the system aren’t that very popular like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest that I might include is not a part of the software social media connection. That’ kind of strange not that I think about it?

I don’t like the fact that they are making it seem that this software is brand new which isn’t. They just change the name as I mentioned earlier they have new software call Traffic Robot 2.0.. which is the same as the first one.

Sadly I had high hopes for this traffic robot review, However, I feel it just all hype talk to sell you on the upsell bonuses. My final answer.

e28cd9e91752cbb7b13bc67b88971682_cropped Traffic Robot Review-Under Investigation for Traffic ClaimsWhat Now!

I wanted to let you in on a little secret that a lot of don’t even know exist and after this traffic robot review I feel you deserve a better solution that I personally know it works and so does like-minded individual just like yourself.

My honest opinion for getting traffic is having you own website. Having a website is the foundation that won’t fall down. You can’t fail when you have the right proven training and the legit method for building a profitable online business.

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