What To Do If You Hate Your Job | 20 Tips That Will Make Your Life Better

What To Do If You Hate Your Job | 20 Tips That Will Make Your Life Better

What to do if you hate your job right about now. Are you hating your job? Yes, I understand completely, because I was in the situation most part of my life. My parents always told me to go to college and get a job afterward and live happily ever after. Somehow that not what happened.

For many years I worked my job trying to support my family and put food on the table. I spent long hours working a job that I hated. For many years I felt trapped and I needed to find a way to be happy and live the good life.

The was many days I found myself watching the time clock in hopes of spending time with my family.

What to do if you hate your job







Crazy as it might sound, you probably feeling the same right about now. To be honest this happens to a lot of people.

If this has gotten your attention this you might want to continue reading this article.

Take The Quiz.

  1. Do you feel like you’re not appreciated at work?
  2. Are you dissatisfied with the raises you are getting at work?
  3. Are you frustrated with your co-workers?
  4. Do you ever call in sick because you are frustrated with the hours?
  5. Are you searching for another job?
  6. Are you thinking about starting your own business?

If you answer Yes to 3 or more then you are experiencing a period that you are hating your job.

Is it Really The Job or Is That You Just Don’t Like Working

Most people go through life unhappy with themselves or the job. It’s up to you to figure out if it’s really the jobs or could you be dealing with yourself mentally. Sometimes changing jobs might not help you at all if you are dealing with your inner self. If that the cause you will wind up feeling the same way with the new job. What to if you hate your job?

What to do if you hate your job

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In today’s article, I’m going to share some ideas on what to do if you hate. I’m sure you have searched for a solution and I bet you have talked about it with friends and family.  Well, look no further I’m going share some solution so you don’t end up in the unemployment line.

What Are Signs That You Hate Your Job

Every employment has its good and bad days. Maybe you just don’t like the hours, or maybe you and the new boss can’t seem to get along. Maybe you have taken on a new position and they are expecting a lot from you.

So, before we talk about the solution lets talk about 10 signs that you hate your job.

1. Sunday Night Blues:

If you feel reluctant to go back to work after a weekend off. If you feel exhausted just thinking about the long hours of work ahead of you.

2. You Can’t Balance Your Life: 

If you feel there not enough time in your in life to balance work and quality time with your family. Maybe you have goals of starting your own business but can’t seem to find the time and money to get it started.

3. You Lost Your Passion 

You don’t have the drive and passion that you had when you first started your job. The excitement is gone and you can’t get it back. You have lost your passion and now it feels more like a job rather than a career.

4. You Hard Work Is Not Been Noticed.

Many years you have worked your butt off trying to get that promotion or to even have your big boos even noticed. Now you feeling that your work is meaningless.  You don’t feel appreciated for the hard work that you do for the company.

5. Deep Inside Your Heart.

You feeling deep down inside your heart that it is that right thing to do. For many years you know that this is not what you want life. You were made for bigger and better things in life. Deep within you know it’s time go.

6. Feeling Eager To Call In Sick. 

You wake up in the morning eager to call in sick from your job. This is one of the top reason most people call in sick when they aren’t. This can be a sign that you hate your job. As you can see that everyone has those days that make them wonder why in the heck are they working at the job they hate?  My goals are to give you some solution on what to do if you hate your job.

7. Your Job Has Become Boring

Maybe you have outgrown your position and your job has become boring. This is usually a sign that you hate your job. The excitement of getting up every morning ready to do your job assignment is suddenly gone.

8.  You Are Worried About Your Financial Stability

There have been talks about company layoffs that now have you feeling uneasy about your financial stability. What to do if you hate your job and you can’t leave a the moment? Besides bills still has to be paid.

9 You Literally Feel Stress Out All The Time. 

You feel stress out everytime you enter the workplace. Maybe you co-workers, your boss stressing you out every day.

10. You Haven’t Had A Raise In a Long Time 

You don’t have any extra money to enjoy yourself because just have enough to pay the monthly bills. You haven’t had a raise in a long time. It’s hard to love your job when you keep seeing the same amount on your paychecks.

What to do if you hate your job.? In this section of the article lets talk about some solution to help your situation.

10 Things To Do If You Hate Your Job

You spend 40 to 60 hours per week at a job that you hate, So you have to wonder why? Of course, the bills have to be paid, you kid have to eat and it’s up to you to maintain a steady income to survive. Here are 10 things to do if you hate your job.

What to do if you hate your job

1. Don’t Tell The World 

People like to tell it all on social media site like Facebook, You might hate your job, but don’t tell about on social media. Downgrading your boss or place of employment. You never know whos going to see your post. Friends and family are not the only ones on social media. Your employers are on there as well. This is a bad idea blasting to the world that you hate your job. You might not have to worry about that problem ever again if your boss sees your post.

2.  Join LinkedIn Make A Connection

There is one good social media site that it’s called LinkedIn. It’s a great place to make a connection with people in job employment arena. You can expand your research to find the right job you want. Hundreds of employer can take a look at your profile to see if you are the right candidate for the job. Plus this can be done in the comfort of your own home. Click here to join LinkedIn today.

3. Talk Thing Over With Your Boss

Sometimes it helps to talk to your boss or human resources about any issues pertaining to your job. Speak your mind, but on a professional level. This can help if you are feeling stressed out with your job.

4. Beef Up Your Skills

Take some mini training course that can beef up your skills pertaining to the job that you are seeking. Focus on those skills set that will be useful if you decide to start your own business or the next job placement. Click here to see some online course that will increase your skills.

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5. Put On The Whole Armor Before Entering The Workplace

It might help if you put on the whole armor before you enter your job. Even if you are on the hunt for a new job, a co-worker that you don’t like might try to get under your skin before your work shift is over. To avoid any conflict take time to shield yourself before going to work in the morning.

6. Figure Out Why You Hate Your Job

Before you can figure out what to do if you hate your job you have to figure the why?  There’s got to be a reason why you hate your job. maybe it’s your boss, co-worker, the pay, negative attitude or the just the job itself. This is a huge decision maker for your next move.

7. Resign From Your Job

So you have decided to resign from your job. obviously, you need to think carefully about the next move before walking out the door. You need to have a plan before you decide to pull the plug from your job. Quitting is not the best option for some people, but your case thinking ahead give you a much better outlook on life before resigning from your job. Take the time to decide what are you going to do next. Are you going to stay in the same career, change career, go back to school, start your own business, take time off, or travel more? These are things you need to think ahead about your future.

8. Have A Positive Mindset

It’s hard to remain positive while working a job that your hate. What to do if you hate your job is to have a positive mindset. Read personal development book, listening self-motivation audio, find out what works for your in order to have a positive mindset in the workplace. Here are some great books to have in your collection.


9. Make A New Career Move

If you feel that your current career isn’t working for you, then you might want to think about switching careers. One of the hardest parts about making the choice to switch careers is admitting to yourself that your current situation isn’t working. It’s tough to admit you made the wrong career path. So if you are feeling stuck in a job then you hate it’s up to you to make the change that going to make you happy.

10. Follow Your Passion.

If you are thinking about starting your own business, so before you get caught up again in hating something you don’t like about your job. It might be the perfect time to talk about following your passion. You might have some kind of skill, hobby, passion for something you love doing. How about turning that passion into a full-time business. One of the places to learn how to start an online business is called Wealthy Affiliate. 


I hope you have enjoyed this article on what to do if you hate your job. People struggle with this issue every day of their lives. The tips mentioned above can give you a whole new outlook on what to do if you hate your job at the moment.

Working a job that you hate can push anyone to their breaking point. Fortunately, in this article, you learn some helpful things you can do to either make your job a little more tolerable or you can decide to move forward to the next chapter of your life.

Give these strategies a try and let me know how it’s going by leaving a comment below this post…

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4 thoughts on “What To Do If You Hate Your Job | 20 Tips That Will Make Your Life Better”

  1. Really interesting concepts you have going on there, and I like the fact that you added a video explaining them all. And that the good thing about it all, your article simply has showed me how much I hate my job. Am only trying to find other means of going for something different. Great advice.

    • Thanks Carolina for comment, sometimes we work at job that we hate, but if we focus on what going to make us more happy, then we should pursue our dreams and goals in life. True these 20 tips can make your life better if you are ready to do something about it. Will you continue to keep working a job that we hate or do something we love. 

  2. Really interesting concepts here. I think many people believe that being in a state of hating their jobs is normal, like that’s the way that the world works. It’s pretty sad to see. Tell me more about how you see putting on armor? I’m interested in the techniques that you use to do so. It’s an interesting analogy, because it implies that going to a job is a bit of a war, isn’t it?

    • Putting on armor before going into the workplace, basically your spiritual  mindset when dealing with people who tend to get under your skin. If you let people get to you this can end up frustrating you even more. Thanks for commenting 

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