Why You’re Not Making Money with Google Adsense-The Misconceptions

Why You’re Not Making Money with Google Adsense-The Misconceptions

Why You’re Not Making Money with Google Adsense is one question asked by beginners bloggers. As online blogger you have create your website and now you want to start earning revenue from your blog.

One of the biggest misconception about it all. Most beginners think they can add Adsense to their blog and expect to make thousands of dollars. That not how it all works. This will eventually lead to wondering why you’re not making money with Google Adsense
why you're not making money with Google Adsense
My goal is to provide you will the answer why you’re not making money with your Google Adsense account. Bloggers can earn money online without using their own product or service.
One of those method is adding Google Adsense to their website. The internet has exceeded expectation for website owner to earn money. You have the option to make money not only with your own products, but with AdSense as well.
Before you can learn how to make money with Google AdSense. You must understand what exactly is Google Adsense and how it works.
If you want to make money with a website. You need to understand in’s and out’s of the program.

What is Google AdSense?

 Google use a system called contextual marketing. Which means that ads are align with the nature of your website.
For example, if you have a website about sport shoes. Google will display ads related to your content. Google matches ads related to material they are near.
These ads appeals to the interest of the reader or visitor. So, how do you make money as a website owner?
Every time your readers or visitors click on these ads,  you make money. If you target ads the more money you will make with Google AdSense.
This a bloggers dream for learning how to make money with the internet. Google Adsense display easy relevant ad that won’t annoy your reader.
You have the opportunity to earn more money through every page on your website. Google AdSense will only display the best ads with the highest earning.
Revenue click from your readers can earning depending on the content on your website.

How To Get A Google AdSense Code For My Site?

There is a process you have to apply for getting AdSense ads on your website. Once you have signed up for account and Google approves your website.
Displaying ads on your site is simple. Google provides you with a HTML Script code. Copy and paste in either the header of your website or use text widget to display on the sidebar of your website. Google will then display ads that are relevant to your page.
Sound easy right?

In case you don’t have a website I wanted to give you the opportunity to take your learning skills to the next level.
Free training course  that you discover how to build a profitable business online. Wealthy Affiliate  So, to start earning money from all this, you need a website.

What Are the Good Thing About AdSense?

Some good thing to enjoy about AdSense is that easy to place on your website. Ads seen with the highest clickable earning and easy to manage. Although you don’t know how much Google pays for the clicks. It’s still nice to go check your account and see that you have made some money.

What’s The Bad Thing About AdSense?

Although AdSense has some good benefits about them. one bad thing about the program is that they don’t show you how much the average click per person on your ads.
They only show you how much you made from the ads on your site. Not a big problem for me.

How Much Money Can You Expect To Make?

You can’t expect me to tell you how much money you can expect from Google AdSense. But I can tell you that you this is not something that going to make you filthy rich.
Why you’re not making money with Google Adsense is a big misconception with the mindset of think this going to make you rich quickly. It takes a lot more work.
How much you make, determines the amount of traffic you have coming to your website. Google is the only one that knows how much you make from clicks.
How much can you expect to earn rely on the amount of traffic you have coming to your website. The more traffic, the greater the paychecks.
The point I’m trying to make. Diversify your income with other affiliate programs that you can earn commission from. I giving you some great programs that can help you make more money online.
How can you expect to make more money? Simple create more content and use your website to bring the right traffic to your site.
The more valuable content you write. The more Google displays the related ads on your website that your visitors will click.
That’s why is important the you have website to increase your revenue with Google AdSense.

How To Signup For Google AdSense.

Once you have your website establish head over to Google Adsense to apply.
Then grab the HTML code to place on your page or in a widget banner. If you have watch the video above you should already know how to add Google AdSense to your website.

Why I’m Not Making Any Money with Adsense?

Traffic is a reason why you’re not making money with Google Adsense
If your website isn’t getting traffic, then you’re not going to make money. You need at least 500 people visiting your a day. That a lot of traffic you need to to increase your earning.
Be mindful the only out of those people only 1-2% of them will click the ads. So that means you will only make $1 for each person who clicks your ads.
I’m hoping you can see that it take time and traffic to make money with AdSense.
Content is a reason why you’re not making money with Google Adsense
If you’re not creating engaging content, your visitor or not going to click the ads on your website. Online marketers have all types of niches they promote. One thing that will cause you not to make money.
If your ads are not related to the content people aren’t going to click the ads.
It important to create a lot of content, so Google can match the ads related to that post.
Niches is a reason why you’re not making money with Google Adsense
It important to remember there are a lot of niches that pay a part on how well your ads pays. Some niches pays more than others. So whatever your niche you are promoting will determine how well AdSense will pay.

Are You Not Getting Approved?

This is one of the biggest problem for people not making money with AdSense. Getting approved can be tricky.

If you’re why you’re not making money with Google Adsense this could be the reason Many people rush off and apply to only find out they are not approved. Why?Often there is not enough pages and content on your website.

Google likes website that full of interesting content. That way they can match ads related to the content. Google love long article with 700 or 2000 words.
I try to write article with lots of information to better my chances of getting those high paying ads.
If you’re creating a website to run AdSense ads some people will click on your ads. It don’t work that ways and Google will deny your account. You need content on your website and lots of it.
You have to look professional and provide good content for visitors. If you don’t have any content on your website Google will not approved you.
You grammar should be good. Google don’t like poor grammar site and poor navigating with visitors. You website should look professional and easy to navigate through pages.
Check your grammar spelling and the layout of your website. Getting can be easy if you make sure your website is professional.
Take a closer look at your website if you see some of the problem mentioned above that’s why?.

Click Fraud Activity

Many blogger have recently discover their Google Adsense account disable. This is a results due to click fraud activity. Google monitors every click activity on your website.
If they suspect any suspicious activity. Such as clicks such as bot fraudulent clicking. This send Google red flag and they will shut you down.
If you clicking on your own ads. This send a red flag Google.They will disable your account.
So it’s important not to click your own ads or you won’t be making money with Google AdSense.
Google will do anything to protect their investors. That mean monitoring suspicious click fraud activity.
If you have been disable on Google AdSense. There are some alternative that you can use on your website.
Here are few mention
  • Clicksor
  • Kontera
  • Media.net
  • Infolinks
  • Chitika

Discover other ways to make money with your website with these programs I’ve listed below.

I’ve been make money online with the programs mentioned above and I hope it will take your business to the next level. Don’t always rely on Google Adsense to make you money there are plenty other programs that can make you a lot more these are just few mention here in the article.

I’m hoping you have gain some knowledge about how to make money with Google AdSense. Plus learn about some additional programs that help you along the way as you build your business.

If you need any help with anything, Please contact me using the form on this website, I will respond in the next 24 hours. So What I wanted to asked you a question.

What Are Your Thought About Google Adsense? Please Comment Below


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  1. Thank you so much, Anthony. This article is really helpful to me. I am a beginner in website developing. I had many queries about Adsense and why am I not ranked in Google? But your article explained everything clearly. Nice video tutorial. Please add more details like this for beginners. Feeling Happy:)

    • Hey Yogu I’m glad you have gain some knowledge about how to get rank in google and understanding all about how Google AdSense works. Best wishes I hope you have sign up for my newsletter to get instant notification on my next articles right in your inbox . Thanks again

  2. Thank you for you help about Google. After seeing this I am kind of weary to try Google Adverse. It doesn’t look like a great money maker for websites. do you find yourself making good money on Google? or are there other sites that you would recommend that would be better?

    • Hey Andrew there are a lot of strategies you can use to make money with google Adsesne . Yes I make a little money from AdSense but that not my main focus, I focus more on affiliate program with high commision . Thanks again


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