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Write For Us

Write for us by submitting your ideas and work here at affiliate marketing with a blog. We love to share different topic and ideas to blog articles. It always nice to get new perspectives from others. If you’re interested in writing for us, please read on for more details.

If writing for a blog is your passion/desire or you just love writing. Here is why you should write for us . I’m sure you understand how important and valuable it can be to you.

It a great way to spread valuable knowledge around the world.

Here is some other reason why guest blogging important.

  1. Share your ideas and tips to million of reader
  2. Get backlink to your own website
  3. Receive tons of traffic and visitors to your site.
  4. Network with others site

Write For Us

If your a writer and want to write a video tutorial or case studies for my blog. If so, I will be very happy to publish it here. We chose quality over quantity, because we want to provide our readers with the best information that they are searching for online.

If you have some very special strategy for SEO marketing and like to write article. We need you.

Your article will become a part of my email Autoresponder and You will have access to my audience, that mean all my past and future subscribers will see your post.

What is Guest Blogging? Find out the Answer.

Article Requirements

I like to maintain a high standard of quality article on my blog and all guest post is taking serious for quality standards.

Write For Us

Article Topic We Cover

We want to continue bringing good valuable content to our readers, Although we offer free guest posting we are specific as to what kind of content we’ll publish. Below is a list of article topic we cover.

  • Hands on advice teaching
  • Tutorial video
  • Case studies
  • Email Marketing Conversions
  • SEO Marketing Straties
  • A/B Testing
  • Educational How To Guide

 Read The Terms & Guidelines for Before Submitting Your Article..

We are looking for an article that teaches and give valuable information to our readers. Here are some guidelines when submitting your post.

  • Affiliate marketing with a blog reserves the right to modify your content and share that content to social media. We reserve the right to modify your article base on keyword SEO to help get better ranking in the search engine.
  • Post submitted should be original work that has not been published elsewhere. Unique Content / Not Copied: This is the most important thing that your post or article must be unique and not copied from anywhere else – even if you spin those articles, they are still not unique. We have the tools to verify if the content is copied or unique so please be honest.
  • Affiliate marketing with a blog doesn’t pay or charge any sort of money to publish articles on their blogs Free means Free.
  • Use a Targeted keyword related to your topic within your article content for best SEO practices .
  • Create your Original Content Article with the proper formatting, including a Title and any H2, H3 and H4 tags you would like to use.
  • You will be allowed to use no more than 2 reference links within your article, 1 may link back to your own personal blog, and the other 1 may link to social media account within the content.
  • Please include at least one Featured Image that will be used  at the beginning of your post for better SEO practices .

Write For Us

Other Term & Guidelines Before Submitting Your Content To Us

  • Post must have a friendly tone of voice should be like talking to mother.
  • Posting video tutorial should have a professional knowledgeable atmosphere
  • Posting to be yourself and have fun do in the process
  • Post must add valuable resources to back your story
  • Post must be 800-1500 words or more for better SEO ranking
  • Post must be related to the blog, affiliate marketing, SEO, Traffic, How to’s, Email marketing, Step by Step guide, Online business strategies and tips, etc.

Just a reminder your blog content must offer clear advice with step by step instruction to guide the reader.

Still Interested in Writing For Us ?

If you still want your article published on my blog. Please Submit Your Article Here and send me the list of information below. Please allow up 4-5 days for approved publish article.

  1. Introduce yourself
  2. Provide examples of previous blog post
  3. Submit a list of blog titles and ideas you have in mind.
  4. If you’ve already written the blog- include it

Best wishes’